A new way forwards for concerts

How artists and performers can blend virtual production and motion capture. By PETE CARVILL, NEXR Technologies I once wrote that every band eventually becomes their own tribute act, a touring collection of their own greatest hits. Even though the members are still there, they begin over time to lose their relevance, to move back from […]

Virtual Museum

5 opportunities for museums in the digital world Virtual reality is on everyone’s lips. And not just because the gaming industry is using this technology, but because more and more companies are discovering this medium with all its advantages for themselves. The free movement of the user in the virtual world and the presentation of […]

Corporate Training

NeXR Technology Offers New Corporate Training Possibilities – Enrich Conferences & Safety Training With Immersive Learning Corporate Training meets Immersive Learning with the NeXR’s Educational Technology. Corporate training has a somewhat undeserved reputation for being staid and boring. What if technology can deliver truly immersive learning experiences at a fraction of the costs of traditional training? NeXR has developed an immersive VR learning solution for […]

Immersive learning

What VR Solutions can offer Do you remember that one teacher whose lessons were much more fun than usual? Lessons that really hooked you? Suddenly everything was truly tangible: You went into the woods in biology class, and finally understood, really got to grips with an experiment in chemistry class – in short: you experienced […]

Experience-based learning

Journey to the year 2025: Experience-based learning  If learning really wants to succeed, then it is like a white sheet of paper on which ideas break through: piece by piece, something combines. It grows, flourishes, it is a puzzle of set pieces that finally make sense. But to really grasp something in the process, to […]