[04.03.2021] Corporate News

NeXR Technologies SE scans first speakers of Virtual Reality Investors Day Berlin, 04 March 2021 NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) creates with NeXR Seminar innovations for conferences and seminars. On 8 June 2021, participants of the first Virtual Reality Investors Day (VRID) organized by financial services provider Montega AG will be able to experience the benefits of […]

[09.02.2021] Corporate News

NeXR Technologies SE: GOLD’s GYM uses NeXR scanning technology to visualize training progress Berlin, 09 February 2021 NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) successfully impresses another partner from a different industry with its scanner technology: Sports. Today, NeXR announces its cooperation with the internationally operating RSG Group GmbH. The Number 1 fitness and lifestyle company runs gyms branded […]

[04.02.2021] Corporate News

NeXR Technologies SE expects timely inclusion in trading of new shares from capital increase in 2020 Berlin, 04 February 2021 NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) expects the timely admission to trading and inclusion in trading by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange of 1,789,374 new shares from the capital increase carried out in July 2020. Following the approval of the […]

[29.01.2021] Desired.de

MEGA! H&M surprises: Changing rooms will soon work completely differently January 29, 2021 Hate changing in the dressing room at the store? At H&M, that might not be necessary in the future either. The complete article on desired.de (German)

[28.01.2021] Chip.de

H&M with big innovation: Group develops “digital changing room January 28, 2021 Especially in times of lockdown, it’s difficult to try on clothes live before buying them. The complete article on chip.de (German)

[26.01.2021] Corporate News

NeXR Technologies SE: Financial services provider Montega to use VR conferencing tool NeXR Seminar at Virtual Reality Investors Day Berlin, 26 January 2021 NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) wins a renowned customer for its digital conferencing tool NeXR Seminar. Montega AG, one of Germany’s leading research houses, will use the software and infrastructure to hold its capital […]

[25.01.2021] Retaildedail.eu

H&M is working on a virtual fitting room January 25, 2021 “H&Mbeyond, the Swedish fashion giant’s innovation lab, and NeXR Technologies are working together to develop a virtual fitting room that will allow customers to try on perfectly fitted outfits quickly and easily.” The complete article at Retaildetail.eu

[21.01.2021] wuv.de

H&Mbeyond. develops virtual fitting room January 21, 2021 “H&M’s Innovation Lab is working with NeXR to develop a virtual fitting solution for brick-and-mortar retail.” To the article at wuv.de (German)

[21.01.2021] Glamour.de

Changing clothes at home: H&M’s new shopping revolution “Virtual Fitting” will change your shopping experience forever! January, 21 2021 Want to know in advance whether the clothes you order from H&M really fit? Virtual Fitting, a kind of fitting room at home, should now make this possible. The article at glamour.de (German)

[21.01.2021] Corporate News

NeXR Technologies SE and H&Mbeyond. start cooperation on Virtual Fitting Berlin, 21 January 2021 NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) takes further steps in the development of innovation for stationary retail and enters into a groundbreaking cooperation with H&Mbeyond. The aim of the cooperation is to develop a virtual fitting solution, a “digital fitting room”, which enables […]