Scanning Systems for full-body-measurement

With our own lightweight body scanner we create exact digital avatars and provide precise full-body-measurements.

Our advanced 3D body scanner technology provides fully digitized human bodies, available in the AvatarCloud app. Each avatar contains information about the dimensions of the person scanned and can be used for virtual fitting, to track physical changes, to detect diseases and much more. Fully digitized avatars also open up huge opportunities for the gaming industry and for virtual events.


Fast results

PORTABLE & small Scanner

Intergrated Scale

Our full body 3d scanner in detail

Numerous cameras and depth sensors in body scanner provide the data for a perfect avatar including all valuable 3D body measurements. The digital twin is available in our secure AvatarCloud minutes after the scan.

With basic dimensions of only 1.7 x 1.7 meters our device is one of the smallest and portable full-body scanners out there and can be setup wherever a stable internet connection is available.


Avatars and 3D body measurements are available minutes after the scan. These measurements are useful for many customized products like finding the bike that fits you perfectly or health services documenting growth. They can be used to visualize physical changes through training progress or diseases and provide exact body sizes for tailor-made solutions.


All body measurements are available in the AvatarCloud app. The user has full control and power over his data. With the help of the collected body measurements, services such as virtual fittings can be offered.


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