3D Body Scanner: Your first (and free) step into the Metaverse

Our advanced 3D body scanner technology provides fully digitized human bodies, available in the AvatarCloud app. Each avatar contains information about the dimensions of the person scanned and can be used for virtual fitting, tracking physical changes, detecting diseases and much more.

Before the Scan


Tight Clothes

Wear tight clothes to have better results and a more accurate avatar and measurements


Take off your Shoes

Before entering the scanner, take off your shoes


Hair in a Bun & Remove accessories

Remove all accessories like caps, rings…and, if you have long hair, put it in a bun so the measurements on your avatar as accurate as possible

Step by step guide

1. Download the AvatarCloud App

The free Avatar Cloud App is available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Enter the Scanner

Enter the scanner and close the door behind you. Don’t forget to take off your shoes and accessories first.

3. Open the Avatar Cloud app and take a picture of the code displayed on the scanner screen.

Open the Avatar Cloud App on your phone and take a picture of the code shown on the scanner screen. The scan icon in the app is located on the right bottom corner of the home screen.Then follow the instructions on the scanner screen.

4. Stand on the markers on the floor of the body scanner

Two foot-shaped marks can be seen on the floor, stand on them for an optimal scan result.

5. Do an A-Pose 

Spread your arms to form an “A” as shown on the screen and don’t forget to spread your fingers too so we can get every detail.

*The scanning process only takes a couple of minutes.

6. You can now step out of the scanner

Exit the scanner and don’t forget your shoes and all your belongings. If possible, leave the door open for the next person.

7. Enjoy your digital twin and get the perfect size recommendation

Wait until your avatar is rendered. When the avatar is ready, it appears in your Avatar Cloud app.

In the meantime, you can use your phone as usual. In the Avatar Cloud app, you will see a gray avatar while your digital twin is being rendered. Please be patient, it will be ready soon!

As soon as the default Avatar appears you can already start scanning the tags in your favorite clothes to get the perfect size recommendation.

Next Steps

Enjoy your new digital twin in many different ways!

Keep track of your fitness goals

Track your measurements within our app to see your progress


Find the perfect bike features for you when it comes to sizes.

Size Recommendation and Virtual Fitting

Get your sizing right on the first try! No more returning clothes that don’t fit.

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