Staramba SE: Board of Directors decides on reorganization of business activities, which involves job cuts

The Board of Directors of STARAMBA SE (XETRA: 99SC) today decided to implement a reorganization and associated restructuring measures in order to position the company in a sustainable way in the market and thus develop profitable business segments in the short to medium term. The reorientation of the business activities will be accompanied by a reduction of approx. 40% of the personnel.

Staramba SE’s business strategy will be sharpened and adapted in such way that the business model of Staramba SE will be concentrated with immediate effect on two business areas. The focus is on the one hand on the technology area “Scanner”, in which all activities in connection with the scanner technology developed by Staramba itself (e.g. photogrammetry scanner 3D-INSTAGRAPH®) are concentrated, and on the other hand on the area “Virtual Reality”, which so far has mainly been filled by the Virtual Reality project MATERIA.ONE.

After appropriate preparation by the management, the Board of Directors today decided to restructure the Virtual Reality division so that the resources necessary for the establishment and development of this business area can be used efficiently and purposefully. In addition to the further, long-term development of the MATERIA.ONE project, in the near future the focus will be on an offer from the company to plan, develop and implement innovative projects in the field of virtual reality. The goal is to generate additional income with the company’s existing know-how in the conception and development of virtual worlds and applications.

These changes require an adjustment of the cost structure, including the personnel reductions outlined above. The managing director has been entrusted with the implementation of the reorganization of business activities and authorized to take appropriate measures.

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