STARAMBA SE becomes leading MoCap provider with the opening of one of the largest motion capture studios in Europe​

STARAMBA SE (XETRA: 99SC) is consistently pursuing its growth strategy by expanding its value chain in the direction of motion capturing (MoCap). The virtual reality pioneer will open the second largest motion capture studio in Germany in Berlin and, as a one-stop shop, will also become one of the leading MoCap providers in Europe. The studio now offers all motion capture services for game developers and film production under its own name. Special attention is paid to the capture of the entire body as well as to the photorealistic recording of the face. The sales potential for this type of special services is high. In the motion capturing segment, daily rates are in the high five-digit range. As one of the technology leaders and one-stop shop, STARAMBA is also in an exposed competitive position.
Compared to the competition, STARAMBA SE has a unique selling point in this respect. In the 3D INSTAGRAPH® scan stations developed by Staramba itself, the digital model is created and then breathed into virtual life with MoCap recordings. Thus the model is able to move completely lifelike.

“The opening of our own MoCap studio is another milestone in our sustainable growth strategy. With this offering, we are immediately expanding our value chain and are in a position to act independently of other providers. Our flexibility in responding to changing demand situations and our high in-house competence are proving to be valuable assets. In our motion capture studio, we literally make it possible for a real person to enter our halls and leave them after only three steps together with his perfect virtual reality double,” says Christian Daudert, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of STARAMBA SE.
In the recording rooms of Staramba’s MoCap studio, a living avatar, i.e. a digital double of the real person, is created within a very short time from the model of a human being. Starting with a 3D full-body scan, through voice recording in a sound studio to the complete recording of all human movements through motion capturing, STARAMBA can carry out all the necessary production steps itself with its groundbreaking technology. Up to five people can be recorded simultaneously in a single session on more than 80 m². In recent months, the studio has been set up in the immediate vicinity of the STARAMBA SE headquarters. One of the first motion capturings was the avatar of the American TV personality Paris Hilton in the digitization for the Staramba.spaces Experience.