[29.01.2021] Desired.de

MEGA! H&M surprises: Changing rooms will soon work completely differently January 29, 2021 Hate changing in the dressing room at the store? At H&M, that might not be necessary in the future either. The complete article on disired.de (German)

[28.01.2021] Chip.de

H&M with big innovation: Group develops “digital changing room January 28, 2021 Especially in times of lockdown, it’s difficult to try on clothes live before buying them. The complete article on chip.de (German)

[25.01.2021] Retaildedail.eu

H&M is working on a virtual fitting room January 25, 2021 “H&Mbeyond, the Swedish fashion giant’s innovation lab, and NeXR Technologies are working together to develop a virtual fitting room that will allow customers to try on perfectly fitted outfits quickly and easily.” The complete article at Retaildetail.eu

[21.01.2021] wuv.de

H&Mbeyond. develops virtual fitting room January 21, 2021 “H&M’s Innovation Lab is working with NeXR to develop a virtual fitting solution for brick-and-mortar retail.” To the article at wuv.de (German)

[21.01.2021] Glamour.de

Changing clothes at home: H&M’s new shopping revolution “Virtual Fitting” will change your shopping experience forever! January, 21 2021 Want to know in advance whether the clothes you order from H&M really fit? Virtual Fitting, a kind of fitting room at home, should now make this possible. The article at glamour.de (German)

[12.11.2020] Berliner Zeitung

The Berlin solution for conferences and lectures without visitors Berlin, November 12, 2020 Meetings and lectures in front of the screen are tiring in the long run. Berlin start-ups rely on future technology and virtual realities. The complete article in the Berliner Zeitung (German)

[30.07.2020] 4investors

NeXR Technologies: “The basis for a scalable business model has been laid”.“ Berlin, July 30, 2020 NeXR Technologies SE is currently carrying out a rights issue in the ratio of 3:11 at a subscription price of 2.10 euros per new share The complete article on 4investors (German)