3D Avatar Creation as a Service

Get your business ready for the metaverse transformation – with ready-to-use full body avatars.

Thanks to our own lightweight 3D body scanner, we are able to create photorealistic digital twins that our partners can immediately use for their business purposes. We offer all quality levels of avatar creation, from basic user avatars to high-end virtual replicas. Our avatars are already used in the gaming, event and film industry as well as for outstanding shopping and customer experiences.

High-Quality 3D Scans

Full body avatar maker

Adaptive and scalable technology

Multipurpose Usage

Live avatar

Basic User Avatars

Generated automatically, usable in minutes: Our basic avatars can be created and uploaded easily in the AvatarCloud. These simple but realistic rendered avatars can be used for mobile devices and applications. Generic animation or movement is also available. Basic avatars are utilized for virtual fitting, health and fitness measurements and many more.

Medium-Quality Avatars

People are scanned and then uploaded to our
in-house cloud system before our character designers apply the finishing touch.

These avatars are suitable for motion capture, virtual events and shows, as well as games and music videos. They include blendshape driven facial animations, performant asset for limiting hardware like quest or mobile and basic shading.

High-Quality Avatars

People get scanned multiple times and with different facial expressions. Our character artists post process the avatar to get a perfect replication of the person.

These high-quality avatars can be used for AAA games, film and TV-productions. They include a facial rig, custom blendshapes, generated out of the real range of motion of the replicated person, high quality shading and high texture details.

The avatar creation process



Person gets scanned with our lightweight 3D body scanner at any location.



Avatar gets created and uploaded in our AvatarCloud.



The avatars can now
be used for your applications.

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