NEXR Technologies SE: Successful start for Motion Capture Studio OnPoint in 2020 – World’s first live animation with motion capturing in virtual reality

With a successful start into the year 2020, OnPoint Studios once again demonstrates the innovative power of NEXR Technologies SE (XETRA: 99SC) in the field of Motion Capture & Animation. The kick-off was the cyber music video “In Your Eyes (feat. Alida)” by star DJ and successful producer Robin Schulz. In the music video, OnPoint Studios animated the key sequences, in particular, the life-like movements of the avatars, i.e., virtual images of the two protagonists, in a futuristic high-speed motorcycle race. With the high quality of the photorealistic capture of bodies and faces and the animated movements, OnPoint was able to convince the producers. On Youtube, the video has already been viewed more than 2 million times in the first ten days.

Following the animation of the music video, OnPoint Studios comes up with another highlight of its motion capture technology: In mid-January, OnPoint Studios animated the characters from the multiplayer online game “Umi” by the game developer “Another Coffee Games”. In the world’s first transmission of live animations, the motion actor’s movements were streamed in real-time from the studio in Berlin into virtual reality in Madrid. The developers of Another Coffee informed the motion actor about the desired movements via video chat during the shoot. Simultaneously, the developers were able to observe the animations via VR headsets.

“With NEXR’s re-launch in mind, we are very pleased to be able to present real use cases of our motion capture services just one year after the founding of OnPoint. In addition to the growth sectors of the games software and film industry, we see numerous opportunities for the use of animated avatars, such as virtual company tours, dialogues with service staff or seminars at branch offices around the world,” says Niklas Bothe, Head of the MoCap Studio in Berlin. “Due to the unlimited availability of our technology in any place and time without the mandatory presence of customers, the barriers to entry for the application of our technology are lowered,” adds Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NEXR Technologies SE.

With Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR), Motion Capture offers a wide range of possibilities to animate living beings and objects of real everyday life, e.g., for films and games, but also for training and services. With OnPoint Studios’ groundbreaking motion capture technology for virtual animation of life-like avatars in real-time and without range limitations, the presence of entire production teams in motion capture studios is no longer necessary.