NeXR Technologies SE: Financial services provider Montega to use VR conferencing tool NeXR Seminar at Virtual Reality Investors Day

Berlin, 26 January 2021

NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) wins a renowned customer for its digital conferencing tool NeXR Seminar. Montega AG, one of Germany’s leading research houses, will use the software and infrastructure to hold its capital market conference, the Virtual Reality Investors Day (VRID) on 8 June 2021. Private bank DONNER & REUSCHEL supports the format as a strategic capital market partner of Montega AG.

The VR Investors Day represents the first purely virtual capital market conference of the Hamburg-based financial services provider. NeXR impressed Montega AG with its flexibly applicable virtual reality (VR) tool, which unfolds its potential especially in the current environment of meeting and mobility restrictions.

NeXR will scan the board members of six presenting companies using 3D photogrammetry scanning technology and create personalized avatars. Avatars are the respective digital representations of the scanned persons that will be used in the digital conference environment in real-time as virtual presenters. Board members will present their company for the first time in virtual space to a select group of investors at a capital market conference. NeXR Technologies itself will also give a presentation and equip the participants with VR glasses.

The result is a cutting-edge and vivid conference environment based on innovative VR technology Made in Germany. By using 3D visualization, complex topics can literally be conveyed more tangibly compared to conventional video conferencing, as flexible environments can be included in the event. The lifelike interactions between presenters and participants impressively underpin the disruptive force of the solution.

At the same time, NeXR Seminar has the potential to contribute to sustainability. As conferences of all kinds will increasingly take place virtually, participants’ travel activities will significantly decline, which not only protects the environment but also minimizes costs for organizers and companies.

Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NeXR Technologies SE: “We strive to use our know-how to find solutions for challenges in a wide range of user industries and thus to make processes more efficient and to operate more sustainably overall. We are very pleased to act as technology partner at the side of Montega and DONNER & REUSCHEL. The VR Investors Day puts NeXR Seminar on a great stage to demonstrate its full potential. We are strongly convinced that we can generate additional momentum and great added value for this important capital market conference with NeXR Seminar.”

Alexander Braun, CEO of Montega AG: “Montega has always understood itself as a link between investors and issuers. In doing so, we always want to go new, innovative ways. VR is the future. And together with NeXR, we bring this future to our customers. The VR Investors Day fits perfectly into our corporate strategy. With CONNECT, we will soon launch a digital platform that enables an efficient exchange between investors and issuers. Together with our partner DONNER & REUSCHEL, we will take advantage of the opportunities arising from the world that is currently undergoing radical digital change for the benefit of our customers.”

Michael Rötzer, head of the ECM team at Donner & Reuschel Privatbank AG, adds: “We have a lot planned this year and are looking forward to breaking new ground. The first truly virtual conference is intended to raise our profile as an innovative solution provider in the capital market. Together with Montega, we will organize numerous events for German small and mid-caps in the future and establish ourselves as a reliable partner in the ECM and DCM business.”