German Rap Levels Up: The Independent Label Two Sides and NeXR Technologies Partner up to Bring Rap to the Metaverse 

  • NeXR is now the exclusive partner for all virtual and metaverse events for Two Sides’ artists 
  • NeXR Technologies launches TikTok campaign for the popular animated rapper Selmon with new digital features 
  • Artists including Bausa step into the metaverse and create their own digital worlds with NeXR’s technology using real-time motion capture 


Berlin, 22 September 2022 

The Berlin-based independent record label and artist management Two Sides today announced its new partnership with NeXR Technologies at the Reeperbahn Festival. In addition to a live animation of the well-known character Selmon, who is signed to Universal Music, artists such as Bausa will use NeXR technologies to create a new and immersive fan experience. NeXR’s animation technology will create lifelike formats for Selmon on social media and new creative opportunities for artists to develop their own digital worlds in NeXR’s studio. 

The Future of Rap 

“Web3 and avatars are no longer just future projects but are coming to us faster than we think. Through the partnership with NeXR Technologies, we have the opportunity to use virtual technology to give our artists and partners the best opportunity to become a part of this world,” explains Lucas Teuchner, Founder of Two Sides. 

Avatar technologies create digital replicas of artists, offering the prospect of creating virtual concerts and digital live events. In this way, fans can experience their idol even closer than before and gain deeper insights into the creative vision of their stars. Over the next six months, Two Sides’ artists will be able to take advantage of the Metaverse with NeXR’s technologies, including real-time motion capture and a complete end-to-end production pipeline for music videos and virtual events. 

“For us, this is a whole new world that we are just discovering. Travis Scott got off to a good start with his performance at Fornite. But that was just the beginning,” rapper Bausa proclaims. 

In Berlin, the trend of digitizing artists is now continuing to give rappers new opportunities to showcase their creativity and inspire fans with captivating experiences. 

Selmon’s Update 

NeXR will become the technological backbone of animated rapper Selmon: starting in September 2022, thanks to NeXR’s motion capture technology, Selmon’s avatar will be more lifelike, and fans can look forward to over 180 personalized TikTok videos from the artist. 

“Being able to produce high-quality creative content in large amounts is absolutely necessary when developing Germany’s first digital rap artist. Thanks to NeXR’s cutting-edge technology, we will be able to elevate Selmon to a whole new level. We are really excited and look forward to working in an environment where leading creatives and engineers from different industries join together to explore the endless possibilities of Web3.0 and the Metaverse,” says Alexander Wagner, Co-Founder of Diggiduwaist, Selmon’s music label. 

In 2021, Selmon achieved a 12-week placement in the German charts with his hit song “Lonely”, gaining over half a million followers on Spotify. The popular bear thus joins the success stories of fictional musicians such as Gorillaz, Crazy Frog, and Hatsune Miku. 

Sustainable Music Production 

“Technological innovation goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility –Metaverse technologies are no exception to that,” explains Christoph v.d. Malsburg, Director of Go-To-Market at NeXR Technologies. 

In addition to creating progressive and exciting formats for the German rap scene, Two Sides and NeXR’s partnership includes a clear vision to make music video productions more sustainable. By creating lifelike digital environments using the Unreal Engine, artists can save themselves flights to locations such as Cuba or Bangkok and significantly reduce expensive shoots. NeXR Technologies offers the ability to build cities and even fictional sci-fi worlds at OnPoint Studio in Berlin, reducing the carbon footprint of a shoot significantly. Furthermore, NeXR’s technological approach enables new interactive live formats that any fan across numerous video platforms can use to enjoy hybrid solutions as gateways to the metaverse. 

“Music is for everyone, but unfortunately, concerts don’t form the same inclusivity. Not everyone has the time, money, or ability to travel to a specific venue on a specific day. With NeXR technologies, we’re changing that and giving fans the means to experience poignant live formats interactively from anywhere,” Christoph v.d. Malsburg proclaims. 

About Two Sides 

Two Sides is an independent music label and artist management company founded in Berlin in 2017 by Lucas Teuchner and the German rapper Bausa. The company aims to be the leading label for discovering, developing and establishing young artists much earlier than any other label. With the combined A&R expertise and operational power of joint venture partner Four Music, Two Sides professionally supports newcomers every step of the way. Two Sides currently has signed and/or manages some of the most successful artists in Germany, including Apache 207 and Bausa. 

About NeXR Technologies 

NeXR is an international technology company based in Berlin that enables people and companies to enter the metaverse. With its broad technological expertise, NeXR is able to harness the full potential of VR, AR, motion capture, and digital avatars. NeXR implements digital projects in three areas: extended reality development, high-end avatar creation and live productions with innovative motion capture technology. Utilizing high-resolution body scanning technologies, NeXR is able to create perfect digital replicas and generate valuable data to develop customized solutions – from realistic online shopping to bespoke sports equipment. In addition, through novel extended reality technologies, NeXR has created interactive digital spaces that are far more than mere experiences and have the potential to transform industries alike.