NeXR Technologies SE grows Success of NeXR Show – Berlin-based DJ duo Pan-Pot opts for digital concert technology and announces first virtual live event

Berlin, 21 June 2021

NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) directly connects to the success of NeXR Show. The Berlin-based DJ duo Pan-Pot decided to enter into closer and long-term cooperation with the Berlin-based virtual reality creator around the product NeXR Show.

For the planned concert series, a joint venture – In-X-Space – was founded, in which NeXR will be involved. In the future, several concert series with different artists will take place under this name.

The decisive factor for the close cooperation was the immersive concert experience offered by NeXR Show. The flexible platform makes the visions and demands of artists in general and Pan-Pot in particular for a digital live event come true. It combines motion capture, scanning and green screen technologies alike.

A first live demonstration of the proprietary technologies took place in the past week with selected representatives of the music and entertainment industry, as well as journalists and press representatives. The feedback was extremely positive.

In addition, NeXR uses lighting and ambient effects to make the performance of the artists on the virtual stage appear even more realistic. Compared to a conventional live stream on the screen, the environment is not static, but responsive. It can therefore adapt automatically to external data points during the live stream, such as the beat of the song, or be controlled completely and in real-time by an external operator.

Interactions are at the heart of NeXR Show anyway. While concert attendees dance at home, they can be tracked by their computer’s webcam. Thus, they animate their avatar on the virtual stage during the live event. The more enthusiastically attendees dance, the more vividly their avatar moves on the digital dance floor. Artists on stage can also respond instantly to their audience. Combined with other gamification elements, a completely new live event experience is created with even more fun and emotions for the participants as well as new monetization options for the artists. This is how NeXR Show as a digital live entertainment platform comes close to reality and brings event organizers, artists and concertgoers together again.

“We are continuously upgrading our technologies and services. Audience interaction to the point of full integration into the live event is a great extension of NeXR Show. We are the only one in the world to offer this technology. In close collaboration with artists, we thus created a flexible tool based on the Unreal engine developed by EPIC Games for an interactive concert experience in a challenging time and beyond. Together with Pan-Pot, we are bringing the potential of NeXR Show to full life in the field of electronic music,” says Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NeXR Technologies SE.

The first representational and official live concert, hosted in cooperation with In-X-Space will be broadcast live on 26 June 2021 at Beatport.

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