The Future of Fashion: NeXR Presents Avatar-Based Shopping Experience at the Smart Retail Tech in London

Berlin/London, 23 February 2023

NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR), an international technology company specializing in the creation of life-like avatars for everyone while building an ecosystem of avatar-based applications, will be presenting its fashion avatar solutions at the Smart Retail Tech Expo, including a scanner to create a life-like avatar. The technology can be experienced at booth ST201.

By using high-resolution body scanning technologies, NeXR is able to create perfect life-like digital replicas of customers and develop customized solutions to reduce costs of returns and waste for the fashion industry, among others. The body scanner can be set up in stores and is self-operating, so that the overall customer experience is elevated and made altogether more exciting, in-store as well as online.

Combining NeXR’s 3D body scanning technology with EyeFitU’s patented SizeEngineTM, the problem of the increasing number of returns on ill-fitting clothing will be addressed. Customers can have themselves scanned at a partner store, e.g. at H&M, to create a true-to-life avatar which will be saved along with body measurements. By scanning the barcode of a garment, the customer will receive a sizing recommendation already in the store.  Afterwards, the customer can then continue to use their avatar to shop for the correct size online, making the joint solution of NeXR and EyeFitU a true omnichannel solution.

Experience Your Very Own Avatar

At NeXR’s booth at Smart Retail Tech Expo, every visitor has the opportunity to create their own life-like avatar in the body scanner. Experts will lead each participant through the process and will answer questions about the technology.

Additionally, Christoph von der Malsburg, VP of Marketing and Sales at NeXR, is available for interviews about NeXR, its solutions and further market strategies. For an interview slot, please contact

About NeXR Technologies

NeXR is an international technology company based in Berlin that enables people and companies to enter the metaverse. With its broad technological expertise, NeXR is able to harness the full potential of VR, AR and motion capture, while specializing in creating photorealistic, so-called life-like, avatars. NeXR creates these avatars through their proprietary scanning technology enabling the creation of a broad range of life-like avatars from low-end to high-end and game-ready digital twins. NeXR implements these avatars in industry-specific solutions and applications as well as digital projects such as extended reality development and live productions with innovative motion capture technology. Thus, the enterprise creates an ecosystem of applications using life-like avatars in novel ways to transform and innovate traditional industries’ solutions and processes such as in fashion commerce or entertainment.

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