NeXR Technologies SE launches new product based on its proprietary virtual reality platform: NeXR Show offers interactive live entertainment and brings artists and their fans back together virtually in times of pandemic

Berlin, 18 March 2021

With NeXR Show, NeXR Technologies (XETRA NXR) today launches another product and thus also the next evolutionary stage of the virtual reality platform already introduced with NeXR Seminar. With the expansion of the VR Multiuser and Multipurpose VR platform, NeXR Technologies bundles state of the art entertainment technologies in a new digital application and thus enters the fast growing market of virtual live concerts.

Live concerts as in-person events cannot currently take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, the festival season in summer months with its very large audience is falling victim to the pandemic. This is a challenging situation for all parties involved. NeXR brings artists back to the stage of their choice. These are recorded by the Virtual Production Studio team in front of a green screen and broadcast via live stream on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. Other platforms will also be supported in the future. Crucial to the next-generation event experience is the next evolutionary stage of green screen technology combined with deep integration into Unreal Engine developed by EPIC Games and the virtual environment created with it.

Lighting and depth effects are used to provide a more realistic and volumetric representation of the artists on the virtual stage. The environment in which the artists perform is not static, but reactive. During the live stream, it can be automatically adjusted to the beat of the song, for example, or changed completely and in real time. The result is a significantly improved concert experience due to the increased experience of immersion compared to a conventional, static recording.

Additional advantages are opened up by the possibility of expanding the performance via motion capture technology. In this way, the artists will not only appear as real people during the event, but they can also be supplemented by digital avatars or completely replaced by digital counterparts. This results in a completely new live concert experience in line with the chosen green screen environment. In the coming weeks, the performance technology will be extended by the functionality of audience interaction up to the complete integration into the live event.

By staying close to artists and event organizers, NeXR Technologies will continue to be able to use the innovation points in development and introduce targeted further technical innovations into the virtual live concert market. The feedback from the music and entertainment industry is consistently positive. In just a few weeks, the “Q-Stage” project will be launched on the basis of NeXR Show’s innovative technology, a virtual concert series in which nationally and internationally renowned artists will be performing. The executive production will be taken over by famous names of the music industry such as Carlos Suarez, who has produced worldwide hits with international stars such as Anuel, Future, P. Diddy or Drake, and Guido Schulz, who played a leading role during the establishment of Sony Music Germany.

“We firmly believe that we are very well prepared for the current challenge and understand what matters in a virtual live concert. With our long experience in the live entertainment industry, we have the right assets to work with NeXR Technologies to add value to the live entertainment industry,” says Tyrone Clay, Head of Marketing and Executive at Q-Stage, who worked with big names like Snoop Dogg, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Mo Trip, Bushido, Massaka and many more, and is currently planning the show program together with NeXR Show.

NeXR Technologies is also in advanced discussions with other potential partners.

“With NeXR Show, we are directly reacting to the needs of an entire industry that is facing major challenges due to numerous concert and festival cancellations. Our technology reunites artists and fans, as well as fans with each other, providing a unique experience that is very much like a live event. NeXR Show is flexible to use and also offers us the potential to develop other possible uses for our token. At the same time, NeXR Show’s technology makes other live events conceivable in addition to concerts, such as virtual theater performances or fashion shows,” says Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NeXR Technologies SE.

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