NeXR Technologies SE launches Virtual-Reality-Application NeXR Seminar – New Milestone for the Future of Remote Conference Management and Learning in B2B Segment

Berlin, 17 September 2020

NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: 99SC) introduces with today’s launch of NeXR Seminar an innovative virtual reality solution for the B2B segment. With NeXR Seminar, NeXR Technologies serves as first mover to guide companies into the new digital world of work and takes interactivity in everyday work life to a new level.

The coronavirus pandemic shows it clearly: the traditional presence-working world is increasingly giving way to a more flexible and agile form. Home office applications and remote learning tools are at the heart of an evolutionary shift in the way we work. They have come to stay. NeXR Technologies leaves its mark on this trend. With NeXR Seminar, companies benefit from a groundbreaking VR conference and seminar environment to continue to operate efficiently in an increasingly complex and digitalized working environment. NeXR Seminar builds on the know-how of the three business areas 3D-Instagraph, VRiday and OnPoint Studios. In a joint effort, the Company has succeeded in developing a VR conferencing and remote learning tool that marks a milestone for the future of remote learning and conferencing in the B2B sector.

NeXR Seminar offers significant advantages in comparison to traditional video conferences. The VR environment enables users to be virtually on-site, to interact with colleagues without losing focus on the topic or training. And all this, in the home office. In this way, NeXR Technologies combines the best of the two worlds.

The study “Digital Meeting Culture” has come to the same conclusion. Among more than 1,000 employees that were interviewed, 61% stated that they performed other activities during a conventional video conference, such as answering private emails. 12% reported having fallen asleep briefly at one point. The results confirm the assumption that video conferences are not very interactive and do not fully and efficiently involve the participants. This leads to dissatisfaction of both, companies and employees.

Closed VR environments of NeXR Technologies are different preventing unwanted distractions and allowing undisturbed concentration of all participants. NeXR Seminar creates a unique added value with immersive learning in Virtual Reality, scientifically based on advanced learning theory: When participants interact with the instructor and with each other through VR headsets, the virtual environment becomes a fully experienced reality through the complete immersion in virtual reality, a full-body experience. It is especially the involvement, decisive for learning success, that is stimulated during immersive learning. Customizable and context-sensitive environments enable the participants to process information interactively instead of passively watching presentation slides.

In this way, the instructor can for example resize the true-to-scale model of a ship to its original size in order to visually inspect the hull together with participants, or he can perform a virtually shrunken inspection inside an engine block. The transmission of emotions through body language, gestures and facial expressions helps the participants of NeXR Seminar to feel not only visually but also physically present.

NeXR Seminar is designed as a one-stop-shop solution, which makes the highly specialized training of management teams fully scalable up to the training of entire workforces. Participants receive their VR glasses delivered directly to their home office or to their business office and meet in a virtual room into which the lecturer or meeting leader is streamed live from a motion capturing studio. Due to pre-installed and configured devices, no additional IT help or training is required. This saves time and therefore costs. Teams no longer have to travel to attend seminars or coordinate processes. In addition, an efficient and vital meeting culture increases employee motivation.

“NeXR Seminar not only expands our range of products and services: it is the next evolutionary step in our Company’s development and, for the first time, combines within our unique value chain the business fields of 3D scanner systems, motion capture and VR experiences into a pioneering product with one-stop-shop service. By addressing the participants on a cognitive, emotional and interactive level, our virtual B2B training applications are effective and efficient: travel costs and time are reduced to a minimum with maximum transfer of know-how and interaction. After the corona lockdown in spring this year and the shift of workstations to the home office facilitated the breakthrough of online meetings worldwide. We expect that companies will also switch to VR training in order to realize competitive advantages in a knowledge-based and sustainability-driven society,” emphasizes Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NeXR Technologies SE.

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NeXR Study 2020 – Digital Meeting Culture

The complete NeXR study “Digital Meeting Culture”, conducted in an online survey of more than 1,000 employees from Germany, can be downloaded at: