NeXR becomes technology partner for virtual fitting at H&M Thailand


  • NeXR takes the next step toward revolutionizing brick-and-mortar retail with H&M Thailand, following its cooperation with H&M beyond 
  • Thanks to NeXR, H&M Thailand can now take precise body measurements of customers and provide perfect size recommendations 
  • The project will be officially presented in December at Mall Central World in Bangkok 

13.09.2022, Berlin – NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR), an international technology company covering the complete extended reality value chain, partners up with H&M Thailand to implement a virtual fitting solution. With this partnership, NeXR and H&M Thailand are taking retail business to a new, innovative level and offering customers a unique shopping experience, utilizing their individual body measurements. 

Shop with your own Avatar 

From the beginning of 2023, H&M customers will be able to create their own digital avatars in the flagship store at Mall Central World in Bangkok. Here’s how it works: NeXR’s body scanner creates a digital twin of the user, while at the same time, the user’s exact body measurements are taken. In the Avatar Cloud mobile app, the information is saved with the avatar and made available to users. Based on the recorded body measurements, customers receive recommendations as to which garment and what size fits best. This feature will be made available on- and offline, as fitting data is stored in the barcode of the garments. This means that customers can easily scan products in the store itself and use the app to compare the recommended size and save themselves a trip to the crowded fitting rooms. The 3D scanner technology that enables this scenario has already been tested in the course of NeXR’s partnership with H&M beyond in Berlin and Hamburg, and has been continuously developed and improved upon since. The aim is both to optimize the shopping experience through time-saving measures and significantly leaner processes, allowing customers to avoid queues at fitting rooms and retailers to reduce avoidable returns. In this way, the solution developed jointly by H&M and NeXR heads toward greater sustainability in fashion. 

Innovative shopping experience 

“Brick-and-mortar retail has suffered quite a real setback due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This makes it all the more important now, to make the shopping experience so innovative and exciting, so that customers have a real incentive to visit our stores – even beyond the current collections,” notes H&M Thailand CEO, Philippe Lassaux. 

H&M Thailand is constantly investing in a better customer experience and sustainability development. With the implementation of mobile-usable avatars, customers can share individualized shopping experiences on social media and above all, avoid returns. “It will therefore be especially interesting for us to analyze customers’ return behavior,” adds Lassaux. 

High-resolution body scanning 

“We have set ourselves the goal of harnessing the full potential of avatars in use cases that are possible today, such as in the fashion industry,” said Markus Peuler, CEO of NeXR Technologies SE. “Using high-resolution body scanning technologies, we are able to create perfect digital twins of H&M Thailand’s customers and provide valuable customer insights that benefit both H&M Thailand and its customers. The demands on the shopping experience—both on- and offline—have risen sharply in recent years. With technologies like this, brick-and-mortar retail can be further reactivated to meet these rising expectations. Beyond that, the use of lifelike avatars will offer other exciting development opportunities, such as virtual try-on of garments, custom manufacturing, etc.  We are very much looking forward to this next phase of our cooperation with H&M.” 

About NeXR Technologies 

NeXR is an international technology company based in Berlin that enables people and companies to enter the metaverse. With its broad technological expertise, NeXR is able to harness the full potential of VR, AR, motion capture, and digital avatars. NeXR implements digital projects in three areas: extended reality development, high-end avatar creation and live-productions with innovative motion capture technology. Utilizing high-resolution body scanning technologies, NeXR is able to create perfect digital replicas and generate valuable data to develop customized solutions – from realistic online shopping to bespoke sports equipment. In addition, through novel extended reality technologies, NeXR has created interactive digital spaces that are far more than mere experiences and have the potential to transform industries.