Staramba SE: Successful pre-sale of its own cryptocurrency ROYALTY expected – CEO Christian Daudert to concentrate fully on Staramba SE in future

• Development of Staramba.spaces is driven forward at full speed
• Christian Daudert’s focus reflects dynamic growth
• 11 Champions AG continues to hold 24 % of Staramba SE

Staramba SE (XETRA: 99SC), listed in the General Standard, expects a successful pre-sale of the digital currency of its social VR network STARAMBA.spaces. With the inflow of funds from the first partial issue of its own brand currency “ROYALTY” in the form of convertible loans based on blockchain technology, Staramba.spaces is to be driven forward as planned for its market launch in September 2018. In the course of the planned jump in growth, Staramba plans to more than double the number of employees with more than 100 new hires. Staramba CEO Christian Daudert is also taking the company’s growth into account and will be exclusively committed to Staramba SE in the future. As a result, Mr. Daudert will step down from his position as Chairman of the Management Board of Staramba’s major shareholder 11 Champions AG and reduce his stake in the investment company.

“The current order situation of Staramba SE, the overall extremely positive business development and in particular the emerging successes of the pre-sale of our own cryptocurrency ROYALTY, require me to focus fully on our company and dedicate my full creativity to Staramba SE” says Christian Daudert, CEO of Staramba SE.
In order to implement Christian Daudert’s exclusive engagement as CEO of Staramba SE, he has relinquished his majority stake in 11 Champions AG and will also make his mandate as CEO of 11 Champions AG available at short notice. This means that the attribution of its shares in Staramba SE to 11 Champions AG of around 24 % will no longer apply. The participation of 11 Champions AG in Staramba SE remains unchanged. “I am pleased to have found another anchor shareholder on the side of 11 Champions AG, who was not only prepared to take over my majority stake in 11 Champions AG, but who will continue to hold our stake in Staramba SE on account of his own enthusiasm for Staramba SE,” adds Christian Daudert.

The most recent decision by Christian Daudert does not result in any changes to the shareholder structure. The omission of Christian Daudert’s majority holding in 11 Champions AG merely requires the omission of the cumulative voting rights announcement, so that Christian Daudert and 11 Champions AG will in future have to publish isolated voting rights announcements. Christian Daudert continues to be one of Staramba SE’s largest strategic shareholders with just under 9.5 % of the voting rights.