NEXR Technologies SE: World Premiere for the new 3D INSTAGRAPH Fusion III scanner at the CES in Las Vegas

NEXR Technologies SE (XETRA: 99SC) will present the Fusion III, the next evolutionary step of the 3D INSTAGRAPH® 3D scanner, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January. At the same time, the company will give an insight into the innovative power of its three technology areas with the brands 3D-Instagraph (scanner systems), OnPoint Studios (motion capture & animation) and VRIDAY (Virtual Reality).

Visitors to the fair can see the numerous advantages of the new Fusion III:

  • The Fusion III combines modern infrared sensors with a total of 132 high-resolution cameras, with each camera having 18 megapixels.
  • The scanner system is provided with a comprehensive API interface and supports, among other things, the automatic generation of animatable digital 3D avatars in various formats.
  • The combination of infrared sensors and high-resolution cameras ensures high process stability with the highest possible optical quality.
  • This opens up new possibilities for a wide range of new user industries, for example in the fitness and fashion sector. For example, based on a scan of the customer, clothing sizes can be determined, fashion can be simulated and body measurements can be taken to document training progress in the fitness studio.
  • Thanks to the process automation and the interface, customers can quickly and easily integrate the scanner and its technical capabilities into existing systems.


In addition to the presentation of the new 3D INSTAGRAPH® Fusion III, OnPoint Studios with its insight into state-of-the-art motion capture & animation underlines the high level of interlocking and vertical integration of the newly defined group structure. Using the groundbreaking motion capture technology of OnPoint Studios, avatars, i.e., virtual lifelike images of people, are animated in the studio in Germany and streamed to the screen in Las Vegas by a remote process. The OnPoint technology allows simultaneous playback of the movement of the person and their virtual image, the avatar.

Just one year ago, NEXR opened its own motion capture studio in Berlin, which is one of the most innovative in Europe. Under the name OnPoint it offers all motion capture services along the value chain. OnPoint particularly addresses the current growth sectors of the games software and film industry. A photo-realistic representation of people, for example, for sports games, is in high demand. Specifically, the focus is on capturing the entire body and movements as well as on the photo-realistic recording of the face.

VRIDAY, the NEXR brand in the field of VR projects, will also be available for trade show visitors to experience and present the recently launched FC Bayern München VR-Experience. Users will get a completely new insight into one of Europe’s top clubs. They can take part in a header training session with world goalkeeper Manuel Neuer or learn about the club’s great history.

“CES in Las Vegas is always an experience and regularly attracts nearly 200,000 visitors. We are proud of this and look forward to presenting our strong brands and products on this world stage. The 3D INSTAGRAPH® Fusion III and its groundbreaking technology opens up new sales markets for us in the most diverse user industries. At the same time, we are taking the opportunity to present our recently launched FC Bayern VR Experience to a worldwide audience of experts with VRIDAY. OnPoint gives an insight into our innovative strength in the field of Motion Capture & Animation. We have big plans for 2020 – and it couldn’t get off to a better start than this,” says Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NEXR Technologies SE.