What doesn’t fit, doesn’t exist – Size-as-a-Service with NeXR and EyeFitU

Fewer returns for more sustainability 

Berlin, 05.10.2022 – NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR), an international technology company covering the complete extended reality value chain, announces its cooperation with Size-as-a-Service provider, EyeFitU. The latter is already a part of Microsoft for Start-ups, Oracle Commerce Cloud, and available in Shopify App Store. The goal of their cooperative effort is to offer customers in the fashion sector precise, customized size recommendations, thereby raising customer satisfaction and reducing returns. 

One challenge that the fashion industry is facing more and more is the increasing number of returns on ill-fitting clothing items. According to a report by Shopify, returns based on consumer preferences (e.g. size, fit, style, etc.) typically account for around 72 percent of all returns in the fashion industry. 

Size-as-a-Service with body scanning technology 

NeXR Technologies addresses this problem by partnering with EyeFitU and utilizing their 3D body scanning technology to offer the patented SizeEngineTM. Customers can have  themselves scanned at the partner store H&M for example, create a true-to-life avatar, and try on various garments over an app to find the right size. The API-powered connectivity enables the omnichannel-retailing over mobile, web, and on premises. 

Using high-resolution body scanning technologies, NeXR is able to create perfect digital replicas and develop customized solutions by collecting valuable data for the fashion industry, among others. The body scanner can be set up in the stores and be readily used by customers, so that the overall customer experience is elevated and made altogether more exciting in-store as well as online. 

Sustainability in the fashion industry 

SizeEngineTM offers improved personalization, leading to an increase in online conversions, a decrease in returns, and higher profitability for companies. Lower return rates have a direct impact on necessary efforts toward sustainability, and results in less transport, reprocessing and waste, as well as better inventory management and lower handling costs.  

Markus Peuler, CEO of NeXR Technologies explains, “EyeFitU is a valuable partner for us due to their position in the market and therefore we are especially pleased to be able to complement their Size-as-a-Service offering with our 3D body scanning technology. The demands on retailers have increased immensely and we plan to develop further body-fitting products together with EyeFitU in the future. The potential that arises here with regards to increasing efforts toward more sustainability are especially great. 

Isabelle Ohnemus, CEO bei EyeFitU, adds, “With the extremely precise scan data we receive from NeXR, we can deliver to our customers the ideal shopping experience with  custom-fitting down to the millimeter – with no returns, but only fashion that just fits perfectly”   

In the future, the two companies also intend to work more closely together and further expand their product range in the field of virtual fitting. 

About NeXR Technologies 

NeXR is an international technology company based in Berlin that enables people and companies to enter the metaverse. With its broad technological expertise, NeXR is able to harness the full potential of VR, AR, motion capture, and digital avatars. NeXR implements digital projects in three areas: extended reality development, high-end avatar creation and live-productions with innovative motion capture technology. Utilizing high-resolution body scanning technologies, NeXR is able to create perfect digital replicas and generate valuable data to develop customized solutions – from realistic online shopping to bespoke sports equipment. In addition, through novel extended reality technologies, NeXR has created interactive digital spaces that are far more than mere experiences and have the potential to transform industries.