NeXR Technologies SE scans first speakers of Virtual Reality Investors Day​

Berlin, 04 March 2021

NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) creates with NeXR Seminar innovations for conferences and seminars. On 8 June 2021, participants of the first Virtual Reality Investors Day (VRID) organized by financial services provider Montega AG will be able to experience the benefits of NeXR’s conference and seminar tool NeXR Seminar. Private bank DONNER & REUSCHEL supports the format as a strategic capital market partner of Montega AG.

For the VRID, NeXR creates a lifelike avatar for each board member. The executives will then be able to present live through their digital lookalike in the virtual reality environment. The respective body scans are created in NeXR’s own motion capture studio in Berlin.

Christoph Vilanek, CEO of freenet AG. “I have read and heard a lot about body scans and avatars. The fact that these are so easy to create is certainly attributable to the sophisticated technology and the team with great experience and expertise – my impression is that NeXR is definitely the quality leader in this area.”

Next to Christoph Vilanek, NeXR will also scan the board members of q.beyond AG, wallstreet:online AG, va-Q-tec AG and home24 SE. Markus Peuler, CEO of NeXR Technologies SE, will also as an avatar present his company in the virtual reality environment. At VRID, up to 20 participants can attend the presentation in virtual reality using the Oculus Quest 2 headset provided by NeXR. An even much broader group of participants will be able to join the conference via video stream.

NeXR Seminar offers numerous advantages over physical presence, video or telephone conferences. Complex content is much more vividly conveyed in the VR environment than it is possible with conventional video conferencing, as interactive environments can be included in the presentation. The interactions between the presenters and participants also appear more natural which creates the feeling of a face-to-face conference without the need for travel or high expenses for logistics. NeXR Seminar can be used in a decentralized setting and is therefore environmentally friendly and budget-saving. At the same time, the immersivity promotes the focus and involvement of the participants.

„It is exciting to experience NeXR Seminar in action at the Virtual Reality Investors Day. We are convinced to contribute real value to an enriching conference experience for all participants. The Virtual Reality Investors Day is an excellent platform to get in contact with relevant investors as well as with further innovative companies and to present NeXR Seminar. The technology of NeXR Seminar brings together people despite the necessary distance,“ says Markus Peuler, CEO of NeXR Technologies SE.