Staramba SE: Contracts signed for the installation of 90 3D INSTAGRAPH® scanning stations with a volume of EUR 7.17 million

Staramba SE (XETRA: 99SC), listed in the General Standard, has signed two orders for the installation of 90 Staramba 3D INSTAGRAPH® scanning stations. The contracts with a customer from the USA and another customer from Germany have a total volume of EUR 7.17 million. With the closing of the contracts, the contracting parties also agreed on details regarding the delivery of the photogrammetry scanners and the participation of the customers in the new Staramba cloud platform “”. The buyers will place and operate the revolutionary scanning stations themselves or via a contracted operating company at various locations in the USA, Germany and worldwide in theme parks.

“The current orders underline two essential developments at Staramba. On the one hand, our technology is in great demand and at the same time flexible. On the other hand, our growth strategy, which we presented in December 2016, is proving to be effective. The plan was and is to place 100 scan stations by the end of 2017. We are particularly pleased to have reached this milestone with the signing of the contracts. In addition, with our cloud-based platform “”, we are now offering our scanner customers a complete solution that allows them to react individually and flexibly to the changing needs of customers and the market,” says Christian Daudert, CEO of Staramba SE.