NEXR Technologies SE experiences increased interest in remote motion capture technology from OnPoint Studios – Roadshow planned

Berlin, 02 April 2020

NEXR Technologies SE (XETRA: 99SC) will present the full innovative power of the group’s own motion capture studio OnPoint Studios (OnPoint) at a remote road show. It is not necessary for interested parties to appear personally on site. Together with his team, Niklas Bothe, Head of Motion Capture at OnPoint Studios, will present the technology and its possibilities for numerous user industries in an online presentation.

Especially from the film and gaming sector, OnPoint is currently experiencing high interest and underlines its role as an innovation driver. The focus is on the remote motion capture technology developed by OnPoint. It enables users to communicate the desired movements to the motion actor in the OnPoint studio in Berlin via video chat while shooting and at the same time to follow the animations in the respective application (virtual reality environment, film). The advantage: With the ability to perform the motion capture recordings as a remote application, producers no longer need to have a large team on location in the studio. In this way, the OnPoint technology gives film and gaming software producers the ability to act in a mobility environment limited by the corona virus. Productions can therefore continue to be implemented. At the same time, the remote technology reduces travel and logistics costs for the production team to a minimum, as well as CO2 emissions for the environment. Therefore the remote technology developed by OnPoint Studios makes an important contribution to a sustainable production process of animations.

OnPoint can already point to impressive success stories. For example, the motion capture technology is used in the cyber music video “In Your Eyes (feat. Alida)” by star DJ and successful producer Robin Schulz. For the clip, OnPoint animated the key sequences, in particular the lifelike movements of the avatars, the virtual images of the

two protagonists, in a futuristic high-speed motorcycle race. The photorealistic capture of bodies and faces as well as the animated movements convinced the producers. On YouTube, the video has already received more than 13 million clicks.

In mid-January, OnPoint also animated the characters from the multiplayer online game “Umi” by the game developer “Another Coffee Games”. In the world’s first transmission of live animations, the motion actor’s movements were streamed in real time from the studio in Berlin into virtual reality in Madrid (

“The latest MoCap animations commissioned by customers show how in demand our services and solutions are. We want to build on this success and increase awareness of OnPoint Studios and its extensive range of services. Even though mobility is limited these days due to the coronavirus, interested parties can participate in the presentation from their respective locations thanks to remote technology,” says Niklas Bothe, Head of Motion Capture at OnPoint Studios.