NeXR Technologies SE and JOHN REED Fitness launch trial of AvatarCloud training app at Berlin's Fitness Music Club Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin, 01 September 2021

NeXR Technologies SE (XETRA: NXR) is implementing the next steps of its cooperation with RSG Group GmbH, the world’s number 1 fitness company.


Back in February, NeXR announced its cooperation with the internationally operating group, which also owns the JOHN REED Fitness Music Clubs. The first body scanner from NexR is now in the Berlin Fitness Music Club in Prenzlauer Allee to offer its members an additional added value for their training routine as part of a pilot project. Launched on 19 June of this year, members of the fitness studio chain have been able to have themselves scanned with the help of the Fusion III body scanner developed by NeXR in order to have their personal avatar created with their exact body measurements. Since the start of the test project, 1,500 avatars have already been created. As of 03 September, a second scanner will be available at JOHN REED FITNESS Berlin Gesundbrunnen.

The AvatarCloud app, which was developed in parallel, is available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play. The app is used to visualise and track training progress on one’s own avatar and to perform further body scans. In addition to personal body measurements, the launch of the service displays BMR (basale metabolic rate) and body fat percentage as well as 20 other different parameters. Thanks to the body analysis, JOHN REED members can train in a more targeted and efficient way and thus have more fun. In the medium term, the generated avatars will be used in various applications in the areas of fashion, health and games. The use of the body scanner is free of charge for JOHN REED members.

Markus Peuler, Managing Director of NeXR Technologies SE: “The start of the pilot project in the JOHN REED clubs marks a decisive milestone for NeXR in a stringent product strategy in the current business year. A nationwide roll-out of further scanners is intended with the successful completion of the pilot project. This confirms our announcement that after a year of product development, we are now increasingly penetrating our target markets of fitness and fashion and, together with our partners, are building up a comprehensive network of 3D body scanners. This way, in the not too distant future, everyone will be able to get their digital twin and use it for a wide variety of applications in daily life.”

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